Safety is a priority

We are committed to working with our clients and employees to minimise any effects on the environment that may result from business activities. All workplaces where employees are engaged or are likely to be engaged, are risk assessed and we will not place people in areas that do not satisfy our standards.

In order to eliminate the hazards associated with the removal of refractory and process materials from kilns, furnaces and process vessels, we utilise remote controlled demolition robots to remove these materials. We then also apply this to the mechanical scopes and associated works. Our goal is zero incidents/accidents or impact to the environment as a result of our business activities.

Through our many years of experience safely performing what are typically high risk tasks, we have developed safe operating procedures for all of our work.

We pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to providing a safer solution. Our people are our most valuable asset and we are committed to ensuring the safety, health and wellbeing of our employees and subcontractors.