Recognising the challenges our customers face when validating, purchasing, coordinating, and managing off site fabrication and spare parts sourcing, Furnace Solutions have developed a service to streamline and eliminate these issues.

We have competent and site experienced personnel who intimately understand the frustrations incorrectly fabricated items can have on site when they are being installed. Significant delays can result from minor errors in fabricated items.

We understand that site based personnel have a full workload to deal with and do not always have the time available to deal with off-site fabricator technical queries, workshop quality checks, or simply following up on where the quote or part is.

What is Fabrication Broking?

Simply, Furnace Solutions will act on the behalf of our customers to source and manage the fabrication and spare part components required to be delivered to site.

Fabrication and Sourcing Types

Furnace Solutions cover,

  • Engineering and Drafting
  • General Fabrication and Piping
  • Specialty Fabrication – Exotic Metals
  • Rubber Lining
  • Conveyor Belt and Hardware
  • Rolling, pressing and Bending
  • Blast & Painting
  • HDPE Fabricators
  • General Supply

How does it Work, What does Furnace Solutions Do?

Furnace Solutions will:

  • Work closely with our customers to define fabrication and sourcing requirements.
  • Travel to site to gather the required information on fabrication and spare part items, such as drawings and specifications, take infield measurements, photographs and determine any modifications.
  • Engage with engineering firms to update drawings or engineer any modifications.
  • Liaise with customer on any changes made, seeking approval to proceed as required.
  • Develop RFQ packages including scopes of work, quality and schedule requirements, specifications and drawings, accompanied with defined deliverables.
  • Manage all RFQ queries
  • Utilise established relationships with suppliers and fabricators
  • Pre-qualify new fabricators and specialty service providers on safety, capability, delivery, schedule, and price
  • Review and provide pricing to our customers based on a simple assessment matrix
  • Issue purchase orders to fabricators
  • Visit fabrication workshops to monitor progress and quality
  • Keep customers informed through the provision of regular updates
  • Manage the delivery to our customer nominated transport company, and or arrange delivery to site.
  • Deliver MDR for all fabricated products as required by our customers

Managing Quality


Furnace Solutions can deliver to our customers nominated delivery point utilising client dedicated transport services, or manage the delivery all the way to the site. We are flexible and will ensure that our customers specific needs are met.

Pricing Model

We aim to deliver value for our customers and have a pricing model to suit all situations. The value we deliver is reliability, consistency, customer service and quality. Typically, a cost-plus arrangement is utilised as per the below,

Order Value Mark Up
<$10,000 15%
$10,000 – $99,999 12.5%
>$100,000 10%
>$500,000 Negotiated

Dependent on the complexity of the project, an hourly rate may also be utilised to cover for inspection and quality checks.