Shutdown Solutions

The success of any maintenance event is dependent upon the planning and preparation work completed before the unit is removed from service.

We utilise this time prior to develop a detailed and robust plan and consider every possible control and contingency required to ensure a successful outcome.

Scope Definition

Our comprehensive knowledge of fixed plant and remote machinery allows us to help clients determine their scope to be executed within the fixed/restrictive planned time frame.

Our ability to combine the comprehensive knowledge of our Subject Matter Experts with our expertise in providing remote services, allows us to both ensure clarity of scope and introduce innovative remote solutions.

Project Management

Our specialist project management team have a vast range of experience delivering Furnace Rebuilds, online Furnace Maintenance activities & Fixed Plant Shutdowns, ensuring delivery of a safe controlled, quality and timely service.

Project Team Capabilities

  • Project Managers
  • Project Schedulers
  • Mechanical Planner/Supervisor
  • Superintendents
  • Logistic Specialists
  • Plumbing Planner/Supervisors
  • Subject Matter Expert
  • Administrators
  • Demolition Planner/Supervisor

Project Planning & Scheduling

Project planning is the key to any shutdown or maintenance activity success. With the full support of management, our planners deliver and achieve, high class workpacks, schedules (MS Project or P6), material outlay and procurement and expediting, to service. Our planners complement the execution team to deliver a safe controlled, quality and timely service.