Liquid Metal Drainage

A good drain allows for a shorter demolition. Furnace Solutions has developed equipment and a methodology to ensure that we can reduce the metallic deposits in the furnace to a minimum. The time required to drain the furnace is minimal in comparison with removal of large metallic deposits.

Remote Controlled Demolition and Installation Assistance

Combining experienced and skilled personnel with the latest remote-controlled equipment available ensures efficiency in execution. Maintaining an extensive fleet of specialist demolition robots ranging in size from 500kg – 5000kg, allows us to select the unit in accordance with the specific requirements of the application.

We are versatile and innovative and we work with our clients to design customised remote solutions to eliminate the exposure of personnel to unnecessary high-risk activities. We deliver a safer and more time efficient solution for demolition or mechanical installation.

Thermal Lancing

In most cases not all liquid metal can be drained from the furnace. Metallic deposits can be difficult and time consuming to remove. Furnace Solutions use high pressure, high volume oxygen lances to remove metallic deposits. Lancing is a hazardous task that requires experienced supervision and the correct controls. We have developed the lance and the PPE to ensure we minimise the risk to our personnel.

Process Cleaning

Utilising specialist plant and equipment and proven methods of execution, we are able to provide a remote process cleaning solution that is both safer and more cost effective. Our Remote Cleaning Service provides the ability to safely remove deposits and process build up, whilst the unit remains in-service. This reduces risk and the associated loss of production costs typically incurred as a result of process downtimes.

Anchor Removal and Installations

We have expanded our services via our technical partnership with Silicon in the Netherlands, to bring Rapid Arc Welding (RAW) technology to the domestic market. This enables us  to provide a number of unique quality, technological and  commercial benefits to our clients.

Rapid Arc Welding (Raw)

By utilising a specially design RAW anchor technology we are able to deliver increased levels of efficiency and quality of installation in any orientation to enable a rate of installation that is more than ten times faster. It is also at a more economical rate than existing conventional methods and without any toxic fume emissions.

  • Quicker Installation
  • Superior Weld Quality
  • Competitive Cost

Online Condition Monitoring

By way of a strategic regional agency agreement, we are able provide our clients with direct access to the technological aides of Sapotech’s range of Reveal systems. We supply a cost effective technology for monitoring and tracing of the quality of metallurgical processes at operating temperatures. This allows for visual and dimensional condition monitoring whilst the unit is online.